Additional Photos of 2006 911 Carrera 4S

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Photo Gallery

One of the downsides of owning a Porsche 911,  or any Porsche really, is that you can not stop staring at it in the garage, or looking at it as you walk away, or taking photos of it when the light hits it just right. 

Well, sometimes you can look at it as a downside, because people think you are in love with your car,  which is true in many ways if you ask my wife :^)

but in most ways it is just a joy to own and look at such a great looking car.  Taking photos of your car and looking at them can be like when I was a little kid who had Porsche posters on his wall and just enjoyed day dreaming about how cool it would be to drive. 

I still get that feeling when I take photos and post them up around my garage or on my website.  It is just a nice feeling to be able to take a good photo of a Porsche you worked really hard to earn, and then admire it like you did as a young kid staring at a poster.  


Update October 2016.   added some matte black stone guards, which really grew on me, and that lead me to add some matte black racing stripes.  Some photos I recently added you can see the stripes on.  I like them and think that after 7 years of ownership it is a nice subtle change. I think I will keep it like this for awhile. 


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UPDATE Rear end Conversion to 997.2 June 2017