Porsche Excellence Magazine April 2010

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Porsche Excellence Magazine "The Quick Cuban"

I got my favorite Porsche "Excellence" Magazine last night.  I Scanned the article that was done on my car so you could see it here with all my other info.

First of all I can't Thank Pete Stout, Editor of "Excellence Magazine" and Zachary Mayne, feature editor and photographer, enough for considering my little Boxster for a story.

Zachary Mayne and I  had a wonderful time blasting through the Malibu Canyons on Mulholland Hwy.
Zachary was always very gracious, polite and very respectful towards myself and how he treated
my Boxster.  He drove it like a professional and knows just how to get the most out  of a Porsche. He really drove it to the limit. He even put up with me wiping down the wheels and polishing the car every time we stopped to take photos. I admit I was a bit anal when it came to dirt on the tires.. haha..Needless to say that I was very pleased with how the whole day went. 

One of the great parts of the day was that Zachary brought along a 2010 BMW 135i twin turbocharged 300 hp.  We swapped cars back and forth.  While he drove my Boxster , I drove the BMW...  it was no contest from the first corner on.  My 1998 Boxster spanked the 2010 BMW for feel and handling through the twisties.  The BMW did "feel" faster down low in the rpms because of the great torque turbocharging gives you, but the chasis was very sloppy.  So Zachary and I did several 0-100 mph tests on a deserted road.  This time I drove my Boxster and Zachary in the BMW.   No surprise to me, but Zachary was very impressed that the Boxster out accellerated the BMW every time 2-3 car lengths by 100 mph.

I am very excited about the article.There were a couple typo's on power figures taken from the Dyno on page 94 (initial dyno test was 252 hp at the wheels instead of 225 hp) but overall it turned out great. It's a pretty technical article at first, but the last few paragraphs of the Zachary Mayne's driving impressions are more than I could have hoped for. Knowing his past articles and the amazing cars he has driven, I was honored that he mentioned my Boxster was one of the funnest Porsche's he has driven!   see attached article in photos...

A couple points need mentioning. There is a 90 hp increase figure mentioned in the article and is some what misleading. Actually, when compared to a stock Boxster 2.5 liter that makes 204 hp... the actual difference in horsepower with the modified 3.4 is closer to 110-115 hp increase. To explain this, before the 3.4 conversion I had done some tuning modifications and dyno runs with the 2.5 liter modified to where it was making closer to 220hp or about 183hp on the dyno vs 170hp dyno stock. So when I compared the dyno figures mentioned in the article I was taking in to account the "modified" 2.5 liter dyno figures of 183hp at the wheels. Hence the 90 hp figure increase mentioned in the article is some what misleading, but that was my fault for not giving Zachary the stock dyno number on the 2.5.

Just for reference.  Dyno Horsepower figures are calculated at the wheels.  To get the true
Horsepower numbers at the crank of the motor you multiply the dyno figures by 1.2

1998  Boxster 2.5 liter Factory crank Horsepower 204.  on the dyno = 170 

                               Factory torque at crank is 182.  on the dyno = 152

just for comparison. These are dyno figures for Porsche 911's compared to mine.

2001  911  3.4 liter Factory crank Horsepower 300.  on the dyno = 252
                               Factory torque at crank is 258.  on the dyno = 215

2002 911   3.6 liter Factory crank Horsepower 320.  on the dyno = 265
                               Factory torque at crank is 273.  on the dyno = 228

My 1998 modified Boxster:
98 Boxster 3.4 liter approximate crank Horsepower 324. on the dyno= 270
                               torque at the crank 280.  on the dyno = 234

enjoy the photos and article below... click or download the photos to enlarge so that you can read if too small.


The Quick Cuban

Sample Photo 2