So, Which Porsche Is Your Favorite?

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Here are some stories or responses I have written over the years that sum up my thoughts about my Porsches



I am a Porsche Nut. Porsche's have been a huge part of my life for more then a decade. A day does not go by that I don't crave the thrill of driving any one of the Porsches that I own. My first porsche was a Boxster, second was a Cayenne S, third dream to come true was the Carrera 4S and the 4th a Cayman S.

My first Porsche was this 1998 Boxster I purchased in the year 2000. One ride in a close friends Boxster was all it took to get me hooked. I had to have one. It was the Porsche mid engine design that changed the way I looked at the sports car world. It has become a big part of my life and is a thrill and joy to own. As a hobby my Boxster has had a heart transplant from 2.5 liters to 3.4 liters and now makes a thrilling 320 hp. With the power and suspension on this car it is an amazing driving experience. One that, in my experience of driving lots of sports cars, has become a bench mark for all others to meet. A wonderful partner on many road trips with dual trunks that fit more than you can imagine and even make it practical and fun to get groceries.

When it comes to my wife and families safety there is no substitute for the peace of mind the Cayenne S gives me. In the dry, snow, rain or sand I know my family is safe and I feel confident in the amazing handling and control the Cayenne S offers in all situations. This is the most thrilling sport utility vehicle to drive, because it drives like a Porsche should. With 340 horsepower it pulls smoothly and strong to become a great touring vehicle as well. Incredible control and stability. A wonderful vehicle for the weekend trips to the snow, lakes or long trips through the desert. It has room to spare to fit 4 adults comfortably and plenty of room in the back for our bags. The trailer hitch attachment pulls boats and car trailers easily. We even use a trailer attachment to carry additional equipment when going snow skiing and snow boarding. A great family vehicle and must have for every Porsche fans family and those occasional home depot runs.

I always had my eye on the Cayman S and it is a car that lives up to the hype! I do not think I have read a single bad review ever about the Caymans. Actually the magazines gush about the balance and stability and they are 100% correct. Although the Cayman technically is a hard top Boxster, it feels like a unique car to the Boxster. The size and weight balance are very similar, but the rigidity and hard top offer a unique enough driving experience that it feels a lot different. The Boxster is precise and confidence inspiring, but the Cayman just adds another 10-15% more precision due to its rigid body. The hard top also adds a roomier feeling inside along with a really nice engine sound bouncing off the rear hatch. You do feel more precise control going through quick switch backs in the canyons. It puts a mega smile on your face when driven hard. It just keeps impressing me with more and more grip and feedback through the steering wheel. With 300 horsepower it really is a screamer. The free flowing exhaust really allows it to pull harder and harder into the upper rpms. It NEEDS to be revved and rewards you for doing it every time.

To top off my Porsche garage is the amazing Carrera 4S with Sport Classic front bumper, side skirts and Ducktail similar to the 911 Sport Classic. With a few modifications I have 385 thrilling horsepower and the sound of an engine that screams of a racing heritage that none can match. All wheel drive give me great confidence in any weather and road condition. The rear weight bias makes the 911 the most exciting Porsche to drive and rewards you with a smile and adrenalin rush that are hard to forget. Plenty of trunk space for a couples weekend getaway and even enough space in the rear seats for 2 sets of golf clubs. A true sports car in every sense. Exciting, thrilling, and amazing just to stare at. The best part is that it makes a wonderful daily driver as well. The permanent grin and thrill of the rush have made me a Porsche fan for life ;^)


Thoughts about the Carrera 4S...

As an owner of several Porsche's they have become a constant reminder to me of how good achieving certain goals in life can be... I often pinch myself and thank God for the many blessings in my life. Is it silly to thank God for a Porsche ?.... Not at all ! Wink

We work hard in order to accomplish and achieve certain goals. Each Porsche I have purchased was at first a goal and then a plan was made on how to achieve that goal. After making sure all my priorities were in check the search for the right Porsche sometimes took months of daily searching on the internet. Some times seeing a dozen or more cars in person. Some times this would cause stress and frustration cause not every one takes care of their Porsches the way I do! Hey, I thought Looking for a Porsche was suppose to be fun, right?  Well, it is a joy in many ways,  but I also treat it very seriously because I know this will not only be a big investment, but also a car I will probably enjoy for many years. When you find the right one, you know it instantly.  All the stress and anxiety of making a big purchase suddenly disappears in an instant.  The joy I felt driving home after purchasing my 911, or all my Porsches,  is unforgettable.  I still have that joy every time I drive them.   

The 911 is a legendary car with amazing build quality and a racing heritage none can match. The rear engined weight dynamics make it a thrill to drive and a very unique driving experience. The feelings of excitement and knowing you have achieved something special can overwhelm you as you learn and experience all of it's wonderful mannerisms and abilities.

The All wheel Drive system of the Carrera 4S gives an added confidence in the corners and all types of extreme weather. You always feel safe and confident that it will get you where you want to go and with a big smile. It truly makes you feel alive and rejuvenates the soul with each passing curve and magnificent engine crescendo made as the tachometer screams to red line.

Reliable, powerful, amazing handling abiliites and beautiful. A Car that truly is usable everyday. From groceries to golf clubs to racing to romantic dinners... the 911 is always ready for an adventure and adrenaline rush.

As an owner of Porsche cars, I really do feel fortunate and blessed to be able to experience these special cars. They are all good for the Soul.


Thoughts about the Boxster 3.4

The Boxster is a decompression chamber for the Soul. One of my favorite things to do in life is drive my Boxster through the Malibu Canyons in Sunny Southern California with my wife. We head to the beach for lunch with 2 trunks full of blankets, towels, beach chairs, and a cooler of drinks and food. The Boxster is the ideal cruise missle to any destination or weekend getaway!

This Boxster with it's 3.4 liter engine conversion, about 325 horsepower, M030 ROW suspension is a very special driving experience. The way I feel one with the car and its controls are as if I think what I want to do and telepathically the Boxster does it with brilliance and eagerness. It puts a smile on your face every time. Whatever may be going on in my busy life is now gone with the wind and I am filled with joy, peace and confidence with every turn I take. As I confidently dive into the corners of my favorite canyon roads I can hear the wail of the 3.4 liter flat six bouncing off the canyon walls. It must be experienced as often as possible because that Porsche sound is truly addicting... When I think about all the years I have owned this Boxster and how much I have invested in time and money... I begin to realize It has put a smile on my face and brings excitement in to my day every time I turn the key and take it out for a drive.

Thoughts about the Cayman S...

Now that we have had the Cayman S for some time it has really surprised me by how different it does feel from the Boxster and 911.  In a way it really is the best of both worlds in the handling department. Mid engine handling confidence of the Boxster with the Rigidity of the 911 Coupe.  An amazing combination. The confidence level increases a bit more in the Cayman then in the Boxster.  You really do feel the advantages that the hard top roof adds to the rigid chassis. You feel the new found precision in every corner. The Cayman also has a great "growl".  "swooooosh" and "wail" sound as it climbs through the revs and bounces off the canyon walls.  There is so much confidence while driving this car that it feels like you can throw it into any corner and drive it as hard as you want all the while laughing yourself silly from the pure joy you are getting from the driving experience.  This truly lives up to the hype, one of the best sports cars money can buy. Period!

Compared to my Boxster the Caymans has much taller gearing in 1st and 2nd. Actually feels taller then the 911's gearing as well, but that may be due to the 911's better torque pull. This Does not surprise me, because I do remember reading some material that the taller gearing was there to give the 911 the advantage from 0-60 mph. I did feel that in a few areas, but none of that really matters, this car is BRILLIANT!  Either way, it still feels great.  2nd gear pulls to almost 75 mph vs 65-70 mph in the Boxster and 911. So you have a lot of room to play with in 2nd and 3rd gear in the canyons.  That's where the Cayman absolutely shines! The Cayman is a real joy and amazing machine.  Lots of room in both trunks, a comfortable drive on long trips and an amazing precise scalpel as you cut through the canyons.  So much fun, confidence and excitement in one car! I really struggle some times deciding which car to drive, they are all soooo good in their unique ways. The Cayman S is pure driving joy ;^)

Thoughts about the Cayenne S....

These thoughts apply to both my 2004 Cayenne S that I sold and also to the 2013 Cayenne S I currently own.

When it comes to my wife and family's safety there is no substitute for the peace of mind the Cayenne S gives me. In the dry, snow, rain or sand I know my family is safe and I feel confident in the amazing handling and control the Cayenne S offers in all situations. This is the most thrilling sport utility vehicle to drive, because it drives like a Porsche should. With 340 horsepower the 4.5 liter V8 pulls smoothly and strong to become a great touring vehicle on long trips or a do it all sport utility running errands around town. The Engine really is an exciting part of this vehicle.  It has a thrillig power curve. As rpm's increase this engine really begins to pull... almost as if it wants to rev higher.  It has an urgency to its accelleration once you pass about 3500 rpm. That's where the power really is. If I had one wish for this car, it would be to have a "power/economy" transmission button. Some times the transmission can go to low gears to fast in regular drive mode.  It does learn your driving behavior and adjust if you are aggressive, but sometimes it takes a bit too long to "wake up" and learn ;^)  So, I usually drive it in "manual/tiptronic" mode so that I can select when it shifts. That keeps the power in the sweet spot, but is not so good with fuel economy.  Still, that is me being picky because I am use to driving manual stick shift cars.

Incredible control, comfort and stability. A wonderful vehicle for the weekend trips to the snow, lakes or long trips through the desert. It has room to spare to fit 4 adults comfortably and plenty of room in the back for our bags. The trailer hitch attachment pulls boats and car trailers easily. We even us a trailer attachment to carry additional equipment when going snow skiing and snow boarding. A great family vehicle and must have for every Porsche fans family and those occasional home depot runs.  Oh yeah,  did I mention it will do 150 mph too ! 

After selling the 2004, here are my thoughts on the 2013 Cayenne S

 The new cayenne's 4.8 V8 DFI 400hp engine is awesome.  Really a nice bump in power compared to my 4.5 V8 350hp.  In fact it feels stronger than a 50hp increase, but then that could be the fact that it also weighs 400lbs less.  Those two advantages and updates make a really strong package.  I also am enjoying the 8 speed transmission versus the old 6 speed.  It just seems to be in the power band more often and yet can also get 24 miles per gallon on the highway!!  If there is one thing I am surprised by is that my old faithful 2004 Cayenne S actually feels smoother in the relationship between engine vibration and transmission.  The 2013 seems to have a little bit more tranny noise during light to partial throttle application.  I am going to have to drive another version and take it to the dealer just to make sure that sublte noise and vibration is normal.   Other than that I am thrilled with the 2013 Cayenne.  It took me about a week to feel comfortable with the new interior and getting to know all the gadgets a bit better.  I absolutely love the looks of this Cayenne with the 21 inch Sport Editon body color wheels!! Handles like a dream/Porsche for an suv. 

So, Which Porsche Is Your Favorite?

So, which is your favorite?? I get asked this question a lot. I tell people, that's like asking some one with many children... which is your favorite child?? You LOVE them ALL the same amount, but each has special qualities and mannerisms that make you smile for different reasons ;^)

I had an exchange on a Porsche forum a while ago about 911 vs Boxster/caymans discussion. Now that I have experience driving several different Porsches extensively I would like to share my response... This exchange was more about the Boxster vs 911, but many of my thoughts carry over to the Cayman. So, whenever I mention Boxster... I mean Boxster/Cayman  now ;^)  So here was the question: 

"Hi Bill, Why have you kept your 3.4 liter Boxster since purchasing your Carrera 4S, what are the benefits/differences of mid vs rear engine?"

I wrote in response:

The 98 Boxster was my first Porsche I purchased in 2000 . Not sure if you had a chance to see my info or background, but my Boxster has been a labor of love. I have owned her 13 years now and installed a 3.4 liter engine and modified her to put out about 320 hp while only weighing 2750 lbs.Besides that I have upgraded practically everything on the cars interior and exterior. I have seen almost every bolt.. So, it's very hard for me to part with her. I may some day if I absolutely have to, but right now I will hold on to her. After 13 years I still get a great joy from driving the car with the top down. I was never excited about the looks of convertible 911s, but the boxster looks the best with the top down ;^) ... I always aspired to own the 911 since I was a teenager. It was one of the cars I dreamed and planned on getting for a very long time. Yet as a young car enthusiast, the 993 was out of my price range and I still was not crazy about the "old style" interiors. When the Boxster came along and I saw how modern it looked, for 1997 ;^), and that it was mid-engined, it was a game changer and made me a full on mid engine believer. Yet, the 911 was still a dream car for me and I made it a goal to own someday.

Now that I own a rear engined 911 and mid-engined Boxster/Cayman S I can say for certain that the Boxster/Cayman S and 911 are very different animals. When I first got a chance to drive the C4S on my favorite 70 mile Canyon loop roads. At first I drove a bit timid, but eventually very aggressive as my confidence rose after the first few miles. Conditions were epic, not a cloud in the sky, 75 degrees and I barely saw another car on the roads all morning. Hairpin corners, banking curves, and tree tunnels everywhere. I was grinning ear to ear. Now that I have put several thousand canyon miles on both cars I can say that the 911 is in a class all by itself because there is a slightly more "primal" untamed feeling to driving it back to back with my Boxster, BUT the Boxster/Cayman S remains the king of the corners and a master at inspiring confidence.

The Boxster/Cayman S inspires massive confidence and balance right out of the gate and made me a true believer in Porsche mid engine cars handling from the very first canyon corner. Go in to a corner too hot, stomp on the brakes or lift worries, the Boxster/Cayman handle it like a pro. Do that in a 911 and you will have to change your shorts because the rear end wiggles and wants to come around. In the Boxster/Cayman you can attack the mountain roads with confidence, yet in the 911 you attack, but also have a plan B for an exit stategy in mind in case something goes a stray. Get on the gas mid corner too early in the Boxster/Cayman and she tells you exactly what she's up to with a slight push or a touch of oversteer... get on the gas too early in a corner in a 911 and suddenly the front wheels feel like they are coming off the ground as the weight shifts to the back and the front gets very light. 911 then pushes wide for a split second before finding some traction... change your shorts again... big adrenaline...

The Boxster/Cayman makes you feel like a hero and racing pro right away, that's what confidence does. The adrenaline and fun fact are very high in the mid engine, but the 911 demands your respect and is just a bit more thrilling to drive because of the rear weight dynamics. It keeps the excitement/adrenaline boiling longer. There is almost a bigger reward and thrill factor when you have tamed the 911 beast through a series a fast canyon corners. I was just smiling and laughing the whole time because I was just so impressed and excited to be driving such an awesome machine. There really is a big difference in personalities.

Obvious differences right away are weight distribution, initial turn in response, power application during cornering, and engine power delivery. My Boxster 3.4 loves to rev and screams to red line, but below 4000 rpm there is only "adequate" torque. The Carrera 4S 3.8 liter engine has a major torque advantage and squirts away at low rpm's in a way the 3.4 liter can't match. There is as much joy to low end torque as there is to high end horsepower. Both power deliveries put a great big smile on your face. Both my cars are 12 second quarter mile cars, Yet around town and because of the torque advantage of the 3.8 liter engine at low rpm's the 911 just feels more powerful all of the time and like the more serious beast of the 2 cars.

Other differences are sometimes not tangible or just limited to the handling. I know this sounds strange, but I always felt a bit like an underdog in the Boxster/Cayman when driving next to 911's or at Porsche events. As a true Boxster/Cayman mid engine believer I know without a doubt that the Boxster/Cayman handle much better and are more neutral then the 911s, but there is a "prestige and legacy factor" that you feel a part of when you own a 911. I realize this may sound shallow or that its like an "ego factor", but it is more than that... There is a tangible accomplished feeling that comes from knowing that you own a legendary car who's racing heritage spans 50 yrs. When you look at a 911 you know it is One of the best cars in the world. I am equally proud of my Boxster/Cayman, but the Boxster/Cayman S still feels like the younger sibling in terms of racing heritage and legacy factor. In time I hope that Porsche will race the Boxster/Cayman's to show the world how good they really are.

To sum it all up, the big differences between my 911 C4S over my Boxster/Cayman are racing heritage, prestige, legendary 911 look, all wheel drive, low end torque and the thrill of the rear engine design dynamics....Notice I did not mention anything about handling or confidence, because it's with the Boxster/Cayman mid engine setup that you will feel like a driving hero,You will be much more relaxed, able to attack those mountain passes with much more confidence and you will not have to change your shorts as often !

With that said... If I was really pressured and asked to pick my favorite and keep only 1 car....

I would chose the 911 Carrera 4S. It really still gives me the biggest thrills and adrenaline rush !

But like I said...  This question is like asking which of your children you love the most... It bothers you to even think of an answer because you really do love and enjoy them all.....

 Just one Porsche obsessed fanatics humble opinion !

Hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts about my Porsche's !