Porsche 987 Cayman S

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2008 Cayman S

My name is Bill Diaz and just want to say thanks for visiting my website and page dedicated to my Porsche Cayman S.  Be sure to check out my other Porsche projects in the links to the left.

See me interviewed in the Cayman S on "The Smoking Tire" with Matt Farah!!


Cayman S Story:

The Latest addition to the Quick Cuban Porsche Garage.  2008 Porsche Cayman S.  

This brings my Porsche collection to 4 now ( 911 C4S, Cayman S, Boxster 3.4, and Cayenne S) with almost 1 of each in the Porsche's model line up, minus the Panamera. My wife and I have been discussing getting a nice little sports car for her for some time now.  I had been wanting 993 C4S 911 or 964 to add to the garage.  After some test drives and serious thinking I decided it was time to get a car both my wife and I could really enjoy. The Cayman offers equal power, but more precision then a 993 C4S and more modern options. All the controls feel up to date and very precise.  The interior is light yrs ahead of the 993 as well.  I still would love to own a 993 some day, but the Cayman S is just a gorgeous and beautiful car.  Plus, the wifey is over the moon with it. She LOVES driving it and that makes me happy. Plus, I have fallen in love with it as well. It is really a blast to drive.

I always had my eye on the Cayman S and it is a car that lives up to the hype.  I do not think I have read a single bad review ever about the Caymans.  Actually the magazines gush about the balance and stability and they are 100% correct.  Although the Cayman technically is a hard top Boxster, it feels like a unique car to the Boxster.  The size and weight balance  are very  similar, but the rigidity and hard top offer a unique enough driving experience that it feels a lot different.  The boxster is precise and confidence inspiring, but the Cayman just adds another 10-15%  more precision due to its rigid body.  The hard top also adds a roomier feeling inside along with a really nice engine sound bouncing off the rear hatch.  You do feel more precise control going through quick switch backs in the canyons.  It puts a mega smile on your face when driven hard. It just keeps impressing me with more and more grip and feedback through the steering wheel. Just when I think I am pushing it to its limits, the Cayman answers back with more grip then I expected and balanced composure through tricky back roads in the canyons. I find myself laughing many times by the adrenaline rush and the realization of just how high the performance levels are in this amazing car.  


-2008  987 Cayman S

-Color: Basalt Metallic Black 

-6 Speed Manual Transmission

-Basalt Metallic Black Painted Center Console (upgrade) 

-Turbo Stick Shift Knob (upgrade)

-Steering wheel with Thicker padding/Thumb rests (upgrade)

-Only 17,700 miles when purchased March 2013

-2 yr cpo warranty left

-Navi Porsche Communication Mgmt

-Sport Chrono Package

-Bose Audio-Home Link

-Cayman S Wheels, 18x8 front + 5mm spacers,18x9 inch Rear + 14mm spacers

-Michellin Pilots 235/40/18 front 265/40/18 rear

-TPMS tire pressure monitoring system

-Colored crest caps

 Drive by video:  Sights and Sounds of my 987




Racing at AutoClub Speedway Photos



More pics at Wheelwell.com 


Update: October 2014 After enjoying the 18 inch Cayman wheels for over a year now and about 9000 miles, I decided to finally try out the 19 Carrera Sport wheels on the Cayman. They always looked really Great, but I was on the fence before about giving up ride quality. You do feel the weight of the 19s and you do feel the bumps a bit more, but they look soooo good! 5mm spacers on rears add a nice touch. I decided to leave the 19's on for awhile and give the Cayman S a fresh look. The Carrera Sport wheels with Carrera GT paint color look really elegant and sporty. A fantastic looking wheel color combo to go with the Basalt Black Cayman paint. Looks so good I am willing to live with a little bit of a harsher ride :^) UPDATE 12/2015 Due to the bent wheel vibration issues I had with the Carrera Sport Wheels.. I tried to get them fixed, but the vibration was still present at high speeds. So I decided to get similar "SPYDER" replicas that I have on my Boxster. These look really great on the Cayman S too!! No more vibrations!! Also decided to go with slightly wider tires. 19x8.5 et 50 front wheels with 245/35/19.. 19x10 et 42 rear wheels with 275/35/19



-Front Bumper LED Spars light conversion, removed oem fog lights

-Rear LED Tail lights conversion to 987.2 Look



-SOFTRONIC 987 ECU Upgrade.  +20 HP

-K&N Air Filter

-Desnorkel side intake

-Engine Performance  320 Horsepower  270 Torque



-Cayman R replica wheels  19x8.5 et 50 front 19x10 et 42 rear

-Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 245/35/19 front     275/35/19 rear

-EIBACH PRO-KIT lowering springs 30mm drop with 6mm strut spacers = 1.0 inch drop



-Porsche Short Shift Kit  997-424-983-00

-Porsche Sport Bucket Seats

-Dallas Custom Steering Wheel 1/16 Napa Black Leather wrap upgrade

-Porsche Communication Management "PCM" Stereo added to replace stock Single Cd Changer Head Unit.

-Mr12Volt LA Power Bluetooth PCM upgrade.

-Porsche OEM Bucket Sport Seats added to replace the stock OEM Standard Seats



**UPDATE 4/2015  Added the Sport Short Shifter 997-424-983-00  Short Shifter with Blue plastic shift cover.

This is an awesome upgrade.  Feels great in the Cayman S.  Adds precision and short shifts that really feel great.

Yes, it takes a bit more effort, but really enjoyable to shift the car now.  Well worth the upgrade!!!

The 997-424-010-00  987/997 stock shifter I transfered over to my Boxster to try out for awhile.  It is a nice change to the 986

Especially after years of living with the Porsche 996 short shifter which is a copy of the B&M shifter. Although I did enjoy the 996 short shifter

after awhile it can be a bit notchy to live with and 1st to 2nd gear quick shifts did take some effort..

Date:  March 2013

 I am still on the fence about adding 19 inch wheels due to the harsher ride.  Right now on 18's the Cayman offers a great sense of comfort and amazing traction. Which may be just right to have since my Boxster and 911 on 19's can be a bit on the harsher suspension side for the bumpy roads in California. The 18's suit my wifes driving comfort better too. So the jury is still out on 19 inch wheels upgrade. Will add some clear side markers as soon as possible.  Looking in to also adding a K&N air filter along with an IPD Plenum for better air intake flow and sound.  I will update as soon as I have done the modifications.

 **Update:  April 2013

--I swapped my Boxster's 19 Carrera Sport wheels on to the Cayman S to feel the ride difference. 19's do look nicer and fill out the wheel wells much better on the Cayman.  As far as ride quality I did notice the bumps in the road a bit more, the tire noise was a tiny bit louder, and you could feel the weight difference in the wheels when rebounding on bumpy roads..  It did not bother me very much because I am use to it on my other cars, but I did decide to keep the 18's on the Cayman S.  The 18's do offer a bit more comfort in ride quality and still offer amazing grip, steering feel and performance.  Because my Boxster and 911 have 19's, I am going to leave the 18's on the Cayman to keep it a unique driving experience in my Porsche line up and also so that my wife and I can enjoy the comfort of the 18's on longer road trips.

 --Since I decided to keep the 18's I went ahead and put on a new set of Michelin Super Sports.  This tire is a great replacement for the original Michelin Pilot Sport 2's that were on there.  Very happy with the Super sports. I also have these tires on the Carrera 4S as well.

--added 5mm front wheel spacers, nice fit to have front wheels flush with fenders.

--added 14mm rear wheel spacers, perfect fit to have rear wheels flush with fenders.

--added clear side markers too.  much better ;^)     

--added K&N Air filter replacement. (E-2295)  Added nice bit of punch in power, most noticeable in mid-range.  Nicer intake sound all around too, especially up top!

--Updated Steering wheel. Thick, padded, with thumbrest, silver stitching. Awesome! 

July 2013

It's interesting , but now that we have had the Cayman S for some time it has really surprised me by how different it does feel from the Boxster and 911.  In a way it really is the best of both worlds in the handling department. Mid engine handling confidence of the Boxster with the Rigidity of the 911 Coupe.  An amazing combination. The confidence level increases a bit more then in the Boxster.  You really do feel the advantages that the roof adds to the rigid chassis feel in the corners.  The Cayman also has a great growl, wail and "wooooosh" sound as it reaches 7000 rpm and the sound bounces off the canyon walls.

Compared to my Boxster the Caymans has much taller gearing in 1st and 2nd. Actually feels taller then the 911 as well.  Does not surprise me, because I do remember reading some material that the taller 1st and 2nd gearing was there to give the base 911 the advantage from 0-60 mph.  I wish the gearing was a bit shorter when compared back to back with the 911, but it still feels great. 2nd gear pulls to almost 80 mph vs 70mph in the Boxster and 911, so you have a lot of room to play with in 2nd and 3rd gear in the canyons.  The Cayman is a real joy and amazing machine. So light and nimble compared to the Carrera 4S.  Lots of room in both trunks, a comfortable drive on long trips and an amazing precise scalpel as you cut through the canyons.  So much fun and so exciting.

I also am enjoying the car very much in stock form. The stock shifter vs the sport shifters in my 911 and boxster. Although longer throws in stock form, the stock shifter still has a really nice, relaxed, precise, notchy feeling to it. The clutch pedal pressure is also much softer then my 911 and more "springy" then my Boxster.  All these things add up to a really nice driving experience and make it very different in feel to the 997 and 986.  I get excited to drive this car every time and feel very fortunate to be able to experience the different mannerisms the Cayman S offers over the 911 and Boxster.  

My Carrera 4S 911 with notchier, more precise, heavier feeling, shorter throws sport shifter combined with slightly heavier clutch and throttle pedal pressure give the 911 a more mechanically precise feeling and a better relationship "feel" between all the controls. As if all controls are weighted with the same amount of effort.  I say this only because my very first driving impression with the Cayman's clutch pedal pressure, throttle pressure, and shift throw weight... were that the controls felt a bit lightweight or soft in feel. It was easy to over rev in sport mode when taking off in first gear, but as my muscle memory adapted and has gotten use to the controls I have grown to really like them as well  This adds to the car feeling much lighter all around compared to the 911 C4S and, as I said, it gives the Cayman a very unique feel and driving experience when compared with my other Porsches.  A great joy and BLAST To drive....

19 inch Carrera Sport Wheels 19x8.5 front and 19x10 rear with 5mm spacer

Updated Steering wheel, Thicker padding with thumb rests and silver stitching, Turbo stick shift knob, Basalt Black Painted Center Console. Looks Awesome!

Racing at AutoClub Speedway Photos


Back in the day when I first got the Cayman with oem 18 inch wheels!