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***UPDATE  2013

 I Sold my 2005 Kawasaki Z1000 several years ago in order to switch gears from a super sport standard riding style to a "sport cruiser" riding style for a while.  I purchased a 2008 Yamaha Road Star Warrior and enjoyed it for over 3 years.

The Warrior was a great cruiser to ride with the wife on back and then it could really carve up the canyons when I was solo. Amazing handling for a cruiser style bike.  BUT, the itch for something sportier, lighter and more tossable in the corners was coming back and hard to ignore. So I recently sold the Warrior and picked another Kawasaki Z1000.

I was flipping through the used bike adds when a 2007 Z1000 caught my eye. I really forgot how much I liked the looks of the Z1000 and that's what got the itch started again.I always loved the "transformer robot" styling of this bike and the 2007 was a model that had lots of really nice changes and upgrades done to it over the previous 2005 model that I owned before.

 I then looked into the 2010 version which was another major remodel for both engine and body. It looks amazing and I almost purchased a 2010-2011 Z1000... but after test riding one and seeing it close up I realized that the 2010 model has grown in size quite a bit from the previous generations. It's a lot more bulky and wider then I had expected in the front fairings and the gas tank is huge. Just didn't quite feel the right size for me and the engine sizzled/vibrated" more then I expected around 6-7000 rpm. This was an issue with the 2005's and was supposed to be remedied. I guess I expected more. I am not very tall either, so it didn't quite fit me the way I was hoping.  I really love the look of it so I was really bummed when I just didn't "feel" it in my gut... If it was smaller I would have purchased it in a heart beat. 

After that minor let down I went to see the 2007 Z1000 that got the itch started.  WOW... it was just right! Looks so aggressive in person and closer to the size and fit of the 2005 I enjoyed so much. The real shocker was the engine mounting improvements. The engine is Super smooth and powerful. Felt smoother to me then the 2010 engine. This model years saw some nice changes to how the engine is mounted to the frame and also fine tuning with valve sizes and ecu adjustments for more bottom end torque. The frame added a little bit of length and rake to the front for better handling as well.  Got a great deal on it too. I am Really enjoying the 07 Z1000 !  Plenty of low end torque, great handling in the canyons and a very comfortable riding position.  Really gives me a lot of confidence all around and is a thrill to ride.  Puts a smile on my face every time ;^)  


 ****2005 Kawasaki Z1000. 127 horspower @ 10,000 rpm and 70 lbs torque @ 8000 rpm.

Weight 436 lbs 

10.6 @ 127 mph in the quarter mile. 0-60 mph 2.7.

Added belly pan fairing. smaller mirrors and larger bar end weights.

removed stock rear tail lights and license plate holder. Added smaller

clear turn signals to both front and rear of bike.

Was a great bike, but let her go for someone else to enjoy.  SOLD :^(


Below is my 2008 Yamaha Warrior.  This is Yamaha's answer to the sport cruiser world.

This is an amazing machine.  85 hp and 100 lbs of arm pulling torque at low rpms.

This bike comes with a sport tuned version of Yamaha's 1700cc cruiser motor,

plus the front and rear suspension, wheels, and brakes from Yamaha's R1 Sport Bikes.

This handles the canyons surprisingly well for a cruiser size bike. Obviously not quite as

nimble compared to my Kawasaki Z1000. Still, Incredible Fun!  Sad to see it go, SOLD :^(

85 Hp 100 lbs torque, Weight 650 lbs 

0-60 mph in 4 seconds

1\4 mile in 12.7 @ 105 mph

Yamaha Warrior 1700cc Sport Cruiser

Added Chin cowl, mini floorboards, mini license plate, side sport intake, slip-on exhaust

BACK IN BLACK!!! Back to the Hooligan Naked Bike I missed so much. 2007 Kawasaki Z1000 !

 2007 Kawasaki Z1000

125 HP 74 lbs of torque,   Weight 452 lbs.

0-60mph 2.8 seconds, 10.8 seconds quarter mile @ 125 mph 

Good Times on Mulholland Highway in Malibu !