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Porsche Garage 911 Carrera 4S, Cayman S, Boxster 3.4, Cayenne S

Welcome to my Porsche Garage.  I am a gear head at heart. You can find me in the garage working on cars and bikes all the time. Just a bit of a Porsche nut!  There is a fine line between hobby and mental illness.  My wife thinks I have a mental illness, or she call's the cars my mistress' named Porsche ;^)

My first Porsche was my 1998 Boxster that I purchased in 2000.  In 2007 I did the 3.4 liter engine conversion to the Boxster. In 2007 I also got married and purchased a Porsche Cayenne S for my wife. In March of 2010 I found my dream 911, a very special and fully optioned 2006 997 Carrera 4S with only 6,300 miles and 2 years of warranty left. In February 2011 I updated my C4S with a fresh facelift, LED front lights, LED Brake lights,  and side skirts to resemble the 2011 Carrera GTS.

Latest addition in March 2013.  A beautiful Basalt Black (metallic black) 2008 Cayman S with 17k miles, Sport Chrono, PCM, TPM, and 2 year CPO warranty left.  About 6 months before I was itching for another Porsche and I was torn between a 993 4S or a Cayman S, but after lots of research, test drive  and discussion with the wifey the Cayman was the right choice for us!  The wife absolutely loves it and I am thrilled with the performance and unique driving experience it offers to my other cars. It really does live up to the hype and is a thrill to drive.    

Hard work and smart planning have paid off and I feel very fortunate and blessed to be able to own these amazing cars.  Now I just need a bigger garage! ;^) 

Update February-March 2017.  Added a new, or gently used, Porsche to the garage. A Beautiful 2013 Cayenne S V8 400hp with lots a nice options.  Sold the Old Faithful 2004 Cayenne S 4.5 V8 shortly after to a fellow Porsche enthusiast so I know she's in good hands. After 10 years of ownership it was sad to see her go, but really enjoying the 2013 model!


BELOW are a mixture of photos. Not necessarily in any order, but you can see pics with my old 2004 cayenne and before I did the 997.2 rear end conversion. I also added vinyl racing stripes to 997 and 986 just to add a bit of sportiness and change.